There are Many Things to be Afraid of, but Color Isn’t one of Them!

Things to be afraid of: Big, giant hairy spiders. Road rage in Los Angeles. Isis. Color shouldn’t be one of them. So many people live their private lives in shades of beige, not because they love the color beige, but because they are afraid of incorporating color in a meaningful way into their homes.

A beautiful warm red was painted on the dining room wall to provide interest and a dramatic backdrop for the clients’ amazing art collection. Also notice the dining chair fabric and flecks of red in the area rug. Dale Hanson Photography.


I hear this all the time…
     “I can’t make a decision on color so I just do nothing.”
     “I’m afraid to commit.”
     “What if the color goes out of style?”
     “What about resale?”

Think about how much time you spend in your home. It should be your retreat. Your refuge. A reflection of your personality. And if you are one who loves color, or a specific color, then don’t let indecision or fear prevent you from experiencing that. Unless you will be moving in a short period of time, there is really no legit reason to not use color in your space if you love color.
Let’s address these fears one at a time.

“I can’t make a decision on color so I just do nothing.” I once had a client who lived over 18 years in an all white home (and hated the white and hated their interior) but couldn’t make a decision. That seems so sad to me. Life is too short to live this way. As Nancy Regan said, or was it Nike, Just Do It (actually I think Nancy said “just say no”)! Paint that dining room wall red. What is the worst that will happen? If you don’t like it, paint over it.

“I’m afraid to commit.” Ok – so you don’t have to go all out and have red-glass kitchen cabinets in your home (that IS a major commitment), but you could paint your kitchen island cabinet with your favorite color (easy to change later). If you are a commitment-phobe, then use the color in places that you can easily change later.
“What if the color goes out of style?” Listen, everything goes out of style at some point. Remember the avocado green kitchens of the 50’s? Most interiors will look dated to a certain degree in 10-15 years and will need a refresh. So live it up and enjoy your favorite colors in the meanwhile. And if your favorite color is not “on trend”, who really cares anyway? This is your home, your retreat, your refuge, not some unnamed “trend-setter”.

“What about resale?” This one is my personal favorites and I hear this all the time. Whenever I undertake a design project, one of the first things I ask my clients is how long they are planning on staying in the home. A client will say they don’t want to use their favorite colors because what about potential buyers even though they are planning on staying in the home for 20+ years. Like I said earlier, unless you are planning on moving in a few years, don’t live your life now based on some person who may live in your house in the future. Only you are sacrificing.

The red dining room accent wall balances beautifully with the red-glass kitchen cabinets. Dale Hanson Photography.


So keep being afraid of those giant spiders or road ragers, but resist your fear of color. Life is too short! I’d love to hear your comments below or contact me at to discuss how we may work together in the future.

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XO – Peg

Design: Peg Berens Interior Design
Builder: Residencias Molino de Agua developer